The Lego Pharaohs Quest range takes adventure to a new level with this amazing Egyptian themed range.  Explore the pyramids, fight the Sphinx & discovery new jewels and treasures with Jake Raines.

Lego Pharaoh's Quest

7325 Cursed Cobra Statue

Released - 2011

Pieces - 220

Tackle the giant buildable cobra and help steal the golden scarab. Includes 3x minifigures:

Helena Tova Skvalling

Jack Raines (adventure outfit)

Mummy Warrior (tan headpiece)

7307 Flying Mummy Attack

Released - 2011
Pieces - 144

Zoom around the hieroglyphics in a buildable plane. Help Jake penetrate the mummy defences & steal the soul diamond. Includes 3x minifigures:
Jake Raines (aviator)
2x Flying Mummy


7326 Rise of the Sphinx

Released - 2011
Pieces - 566

Tackle the Egyptian styled buildable Sphinx creature.  Travel through the desert with Jake in an old fashioned motor vehicle.  Includes 3x minifigures:
Jake Raines
2x Mummy Warrior (black headpiece)

Lego Pharaoh's Quest Archive (Out of Stock)

Pharaohs Quest Minifigures

Jake Raines aviator jacket, no helmet (7326)
Jake Raines aviator jacket & helmet (30090, 7307)
Jake Raines adventure outfit (7305, 7325, 7327, 30091)
Mac McCleod (7327)
Professor Archibald Hale (7327)
Helena Tova Skvalling (7325)
Mummy Warrior, tan headpiece (7327, 853176)
Anubis Guard (7327)
Amset-Ra (7327)
Flying Mummy (7327, 7307, 853176)

30090 Desert Glider Polybag

Released - 2011
Pieces - 31

A micro buildable plane and the Jake Minifigure in aviator jacket & helmet.

30091 Desert Rover Polybag

Released - 2011
Pieces - 31

Take an adventure into the past with this interesting old fashioned automobile and Jake minifigure as they explore the Pharaohs land together.
7327 Scorpion Pyramid

Released - 2011
Pieces - 817

This large buildable pyramid offers action & adventure for anyone who wants to join Jake and his team to rustle through the Pharoahs Quest Scorpion Pyramid which includes a buildable scorpion & jeep like vehicle to drive.  Includes 7x minifigures:
Jake Raines
Professor Archibald Hale
Mac McCleod
Flying Mummy
Amset Ra
2x Anubis Guard

7306 Golden Staff Guardians

Released - 2011
Pieces - 72

This small battle pack is great value for money with a buildable Egyptian style structure, motorcycle & includes 3x minifigures:
Jake Raines (in singlet & aviator helmet)
2x Mummy Warriors (with black headpiece)
7305 Scarab Attack

Released - 2011
Pieces - 45

Help Jake tackle the giant scarab in his desert camp site.  Includes 1x minifigure:
Jake Raines
853176 Mummy Battle Pack

Released - 2011

This battlepack is an excellent way to build up your mummy army.  It comes with a golden sarcophagus, colourful gems and 3x minifigures:
Flying Mummy
2x Mummy Warriors (tan headpiece)