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Atlantis is a Lego own creation set in the secret undersea world with treasures and magic to be explored.  Be careful tackling the scary under sea monsters in this fantastic adventure.

Lego Atlantis.

8079 Shadow Snapper

Released - 2010 

Pieces - 246


8073 Manta Warrior

Released - 2010

Pieces - 13

8080 Undersea Explorer

Released - 2010
Pieces - 364

The undersea Explorer transforms into a giant robot with a torpedo launcher and grapple arm.

8078 Portal of Atlantis

Released - 2010

Pieces - 1007

Getting through it will be the diver’s greatest challenge yet! The divers must get past hidden traps, shark guardian statues that come alive, Squid and Shark Warriors, and the Portal Emperor before unlocking the portal with the five Atlantis treasure keys.

  • Includes 7 minifigures: 3 divers, 1 Portal Emperor, 1 Squid Warrior, 1 Shark Warrior, 1 skeleton
  • Divers must beware of the hidden traps!
  • Turn a treasure key into the keystone to open the portal to Atlantis!
  • Shark castle measures 18" (46cm) wide and over 12” (32cm) tall

8077 Atlantis Exploration

Released - 2010

Pieces - 473

Launch the search for Atlantis from the diver’s headquarters!

From the safety of the exploration HQ, the divers launch missions in search of Atlantis and search for the yellow Atlantis treasure key. Transform the base into the mobile command sub to take on the Manta Warrior!

  • Includes 3 minifigures: 2 divers and 1 Manta Warrior
  • Transforms into command submarine with flick-firing torpedos, map room, laboratory and repair bay
  • Includes collectable yellow Atlantis treasure key
  • Measures 13” (34cm) wide , over 6” (15cm) tall

8076 Deep Sea Striker

Released - 2010

Pieces - 260

Help Lance Spears, Diver tackle the undersea scorpion monster and its devilishly stinging tail.

8075 Neptune Carrier

Released - 2010

Pieces - 476

The Deep Salvage Crew divers have discovered the green Atlantis treasure key, but when the fierce Manta Warrior and its trained battle stingray attack, will they be able to keep it in their search for the sunken city? Launch your defense with the armored Neptune Carrier submarine, with quad flick-launching torpedoes, a scout mini-sub and a quick-deploying seabed rover to even the odds on the ocean floor! Includes Manta Warrior with trident and 3 deep-sea diver minifigures. Includes Carrier sub, scout mini-sub and seabed rover Also includes Manta warrior minifigure plus 3 diver minifigures Features collectable green Atlantis treasure key Fire the four flick-launching torpedoes Mini sub scouts the ocean floor Roving vehicle scours the seabed Measures 12" (30cm) long ! Collect all the Atlantis treasure keys! Award Winner: National Parenting Seal of Approval

8072 Sea Jet

Released - 2010

Pieces - 23

Help Bobby explore the amazing under sea worlds with his sea jet explorer.

8061 Gateway of the Squid

Released - 2010

Pieces - 354

The Deep Salvage Crew divers have found their first big clue to the location of Atlantis: an ancient underwater temple with gates that automatically open at the turn of a treasure key! Inside are traps, treasures and mighty guardians, including an octopus prison cage, a fearsome Squid Warrior, and a monstrous giant squid with flailing tentacles and massive snapping jaws. Can the divers reach the golden treasure chest at the heart of the temple, or will they be captured for daring to trespass in this deep-sea domain? Includes Squid Warrior with trident and 2 deep-sea diver minifigures. Includes Squid Warrior minifigure and 2 diver minifigures Collectable blue treasure key included; collect them all Trap door opens to capture the divers Open the temple gates with blue treasure key Measures 15" (38cm) long

8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub

Released - 2010 

Pieces - 197

Help Axel the Atlantis sea diver tackle the shark warrior with his propelled turbo sub attack.

8059 Seabed Scavenger

Released - 2010

Pieces - 119

Leaving no coral-covered rock unturned, the 3-wheeled Seabed Scavenger rolls along the ocean floor in search of clues to the location of Atlantis. Suddenly, a glint of light -- it's the fabled green treasure key, guarded by a fierce Manta Warrior! Even with the deep-sea vehicle's grab claw, spinning saw and flick-firing torpedoes, this is going to be one tough battle! Includes Manta Warrior with trident and deep-sea diver minifigures. Includes Manta Warrior minifigure and 1 diver minifigure Two flick firing torpedos Spinning saw weapon and grab claw Collectable green treasure key! Collect each one Measures 10" (25cm) long

8058 Guardian of the Deep

Released - 2010 

Pieces - 144

Help the Atlantis crew tackle the viscous sea shark that packs a bite and help retrieve the treasure!

8057 Wreck Raider

Released - 2010

Pieces 64

While exploring the ocean aboard his high-speed scooter sub, the deep-sea diver has found one of the treasure keys leading to the sunken city of Atlantis! But will the Wreck Raider's twin turbines and flick-launching harpoons be enough to defeat the trident-wielding Shark Warrior and capture the blue key? Includes Shark Warrior with trident and deep-sea diver minifigures. Includes Shark Warrior minifigure and diver minifigure Collectable blue Atlantis treasure key included Measures over 3" (8cm) long

8056 Monster Crab Clash

Released - 2010
Pieces - 68

On a dangerous deep-sea mission to recover the orange Atlantis treasure key from the murky depths of the ocean, the heroic diver comes face-to-face with the treasure's mighty guardian: a giant crab with powerful crushing claws! Includes 1 heroic diver minifigure Features collectable orange Atlantis treasure key Features monster crab with snapping claws and moveable legs Collect all the Atlantis treasure keys!

7985 City of Atlantis

Released - 2011

Pieces - 686

Travel through the sunken temple and free the golden king in the hidden city of Atlantis.

Opening golden gate secret entrance.

Buildable sea scoprion.

7984 Deep Sea Raider

Released - 2011

Pieces - 265

Drill a path to the riches!

Recruited to dig and drill through the dangerous ruins, excavation expert Dr. Brains from the LEGO® Power Miners is trying to get to the treasure! Open the back compartment and release the mini sub for tight squeezes! Can he outwit the angry hammerhead guardian to retrieve the treasure and legendary body armor? Set includes 2 minifigures and mini sub.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: diver and hammerhead guardian
  • Deep Sea Raider features opening cockpit, grabber and functioning drill
  • Open the back compartment to reveal the mini sub!
  • Features flexible falling pillar, lobster, treasure chest with jewels and body armor
  • Deep Sea Raider measures 6” wide (15cm) and 8” long (20cm)
  • Mini sub measures over 2” wide (5cm) and 2” long (5cm)

7978 Angler Attack

Released - 2011

Pieces - 200

Outsmart the Angler Fish and evil guardian to reach the treasure!

Expert diver Dr. Fisher catches sight of an ancient helmet lying among the ruins of LEGO® Atlantis. Just then, the evil Barracuda and giant Angler Fish, with it’s razor-sharp teeth, swim out from the murky depths. Can Dr. Fisher outsmart the deadly creatures to claim the golden helmet and take a photo of the rare fish?

  • Includes 2 minifigures: diver with camera and Barracuda guardian with trident
  • Minifigure accessories include diver’s helmet, tank and swim fins
  • Deep Sea Jet features harpoon, grabbing claws
  • Angler Fish measures 7” (17cm) wide, 5” (12cm) long
  • Angler Fish features moving fins and tail!
  • Includes treasure chest with jewels, golden helmet and special gold elements
  • Snap the jaws of the Angler Fish!
7977 Seabed Strider

Released - 2011
Pieces - 105

Defeat the evil Hammerhead Guardian to claim the treasure!

Walking through the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis on his powerful Seabed Strider, valiant diver Axel Storm discovers the precious golden shield. He transforms his craft into a sleek submarine to return the treasure to the surface, but can he first defeat the trident-carrying Hammerhead Guardian?

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Hammerhead Guardian and diver with swim fins, scuba helmet and tank
  • 2 in 1 build: Seabed Strider transforms into sleek submarine!
  • Sieze the treasure with the Seabed Strider’s grabbers!
  • Features sea snake, harpoon, trident, treasure and rare gold elements
  • Spin the turbines!
  • Grab treasure with Seabed Strider claws!
  • Seabed Strider measures 3” (7cm) tall

7976 Ocean Speeder

Released - 2011

Pieces - 54

Dive deeper in the Ocean Speeder to seize the treasure!

Fearless Lance Spears is diving for the treasures of Atlantis on his Ocean Speeder as a dangerous sea snake spots him! Can he escape the slippery serpent and reach the treasure?

  • Includes Lance Spears minifigure with diving gear
  • Grab with the Ocean Speeders arms, move it’s propellers and shoot with the harpoon!
  • Ocean Speeder measures 3” (7cm) wide
  • Features sea snake, treasure and rare gold elements
3851 Atlantis Treasures (Boardgame)

Released - 2010
Pieces - 280

20013 Neptune Microsub

Released - 2010
Pieces - 63

30040 Octopus Polybag

Released - 2010
Pieces - 59

30041 Piranha

Released - 2010
Pieces - 49

30042 Mini Sub

Released - 2010
Pieces - 36

66365 Atlantis 4 in 1 Super Pack

Released - 2010
Pieces - 691

LEGO Atlantis Key Chains & Magnets


Shark Warrior

Hammerhead Warrior
Ace Speedman Keychain